Coinvest is now accepting applications for listing assets on our platform.

We are dedicated to partnering with reputable companies and bringing to market high-quality assets as investment opportunities to our customers.

Partnership Benefits

An industry leading all-inclusive white glove partnership.

  • Coinvest Ecosystem
  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Advisory
  • Exchange Integration
  • Token DAPP Integration
  • Wallet Integration
  • Hardware Wallet Integration
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Email Campaign

    Coinvest will announce listing partnership through Coinvest and partner email lists.

  • PR Campaign

    Coinvest will announce listing partnership through a press release.

  • Ad Campaign

    Coinvest will deploy paid ads to support listing partnership announcement.

  • Social Media

    Coinvest will announce listing partnership through social media.

  • Smart Contract Audit and Certification

    Coinvest will perform a complimentary smart contract audit of the cryptonized asset and provide an online certification for distribution.

  • Protocol Consulting

    Coinvest will provide protocol advisory services and consulting from our technical team to assist you in your token protocol selection.

  • Token Economics

    Coinvest will provide advisory services and consulting from our analytics and operations team to assist you in defining the appropriate token metrics for your company.

  • Tokensale Consulting

    Coinvest will provide advisory services and consulting for your tokensale from our executive team and advisors to assist you in your tokensale offering.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Coinvest will provide marketing advisory services and consulting from our marketing team to assist you in developing a strategy to increase brand awareness.

  • Exchanges
  • Coinvest Plus
  • Coinvest
  • Coinvest
    Coinvest Safe
  • Coinvest Vault


Companies will be evaluated based on a combination of factors.

  • Team
    • Does the team consist of trusted and reputable individuals in the industry?
    • What experience does the team have in this space and is it relative to the problem they are solving?
    • Is there specific IP that the team has that offers a competitive advantage?
  • Concept
    • What problem does this solve?
    • Is there utility in the token other than a means of exchange?
    • Is this an idea that the industry is passionate about?
    • Is the idea or concept aligned with our company values?
  • Community
    • What efforts has the company taken to develop it’s community?
    • What are the results of the company’s community development efforts?
    • How organic and engaged is company community interaction?
  • Risk
    • Has the company demonstrated a commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its investors and overall business?
      1. Compliance
      2. Security audits
  • Traction
    • What traction has the team achieved over the past quarter, six months, etc?
    • Is there a proof-of-concept, MVP, prototype, or live product?


Our listing process is designed to have companies undergo a rigorous evaluation process and involve community input in order to get listed and integrated into the Coinvest ecosystem. In the case of high quality companies and assets, there is the potential to bypass the traditional token listing process. Such cases will be evaluated on a per case basis. Implementation can take up to seven business days, if not sooner, depending on availability and demand